The Sister


"Colleen and Terry are in love. As they cuddle beneath a sheet, Terry tells Colleen that he loves her eyes, because they look like two reflectors on the back of a boat for him to follow home. He asks her if she likes his eyes. “Yes,” the scatterbrained Colleen says, “because they’re just like two human eyes.” Bizarre moments of levity such as this are hard earned in Dutch Kills’ production of “The Sister,” a bleak fantasia of a play by Eric John Meyer that investigates the cruelties of familial relationships...Meyer’s bluntly funny and mean play proves to be something like his mysterious offstage machine itself: abrasive, hurtful, but inexplicably necessary." -Backstage



Bob, a man

Leanne, Bob's wife

Colleen, Leanne's sister

Terry, a neighbor



The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

Dutch Kills at NYTW's 4th Street Theater, New York, NY, 2013

Dutch Kills at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2016

All three productions were directed by Jess Chayes.


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"A beautifully realized production that delights in its disconcerting portrayal of human relationships." -BroadwayBaby (4 Stars)

"This production prefers the action up close and personal." -The New York Times

"Strange and stunning." -New York Theatre Review


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