The Broken Umbrella 

Based on the infamous affair between teenage showgirl Evelyn Nesbit and society architect Stanford White, The Broken Umbrella explores the grotesque absurdities of American life in a time before women were seen as people. Though the play is based on true events that took place in New York City between 1902 and 1906, extensive liberties have been taken with the truth.

With character doubling, the play can be performed with a cast of twelve. 


Dramatis Personae


Stanford White:             A wealthy architect with insatiable cravings

Evelyn Nesbit:               A teenage model and chorus girl

Harry K. Thaw:              A somewhat unhinged playboy millionaire

Charles McKim:            Architects; Stanford’s partners

William Mead

Abe Hummel:               Legal council to the office of McKim, Mead, and White

Mrs. Nesbit:                  Evelyn’s Mother

Papa:                             Evelyn’s Father, when she is very young

Anthony Comstock:     A Post Office agent and crusader against vice


Julie:                             Other chorus girls


James Garland:             A businessman; Evelyn’s suitor

John Barrymore:          A young cartoonist; Evelyn’s suitor


Kendall:                       Spies

Teddy:                         A musician

Madam Restell:           An Abortionist

Truxton Beale:            A murderer


A Bell Hop, a Butler, a Doctor, a Policeman, Secretaries, Reporters and other servants.


The Broken Umbrella has had readings at The National Opera Center, New York, NY, and JACK, Brooklyn NY.