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Eric John Meyer



For inquiries, contact:

Gretchen Burke, A3 Artists Agency

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Eric John Meyer's plays have been developed or presented by Playwrights Horizons, Theater Wit, The Lark, Clubbed Thumb, Vineyard Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Flea, Dutch Kills Theater Company, and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, among others.


His play THE ANTELOPE PARTY (Theater Wit, world premiere) was nominated for the 2018 Weissberger Award and is available from Broadway Play Publishing. He has been a resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm and has received a Weingarten Commission from Playwrights Horizons.


Eric is also a co-founder of Human Head Performance Group and The Truck Project, both of which he established with his partner, Jean Ann Douglass. He received his MFA in Theater from Sarah Lawrence College.

plays (full-length)

PLAYS(full length)

  • Bordeaux - work in progress

  • The Wheel of Fortune (a theory of change)

  • The Antelope Party

  • The Apocryphal Tragedy of King Michael

  • Due to Events

  • The Broken Umbrella

  • Crawling Between Heaven and Earth

  • Dogs of Oklahoma

  • Down from Buffalo

  • The Sister 

plays (short)

PLAYS (short)

  • Obfuscation

  • Not Winehouse

  • The Rust Belt Bronies Meet Up Group for Adult Fans of My Little Pony

  • Grace

  • Dogs

  • Simon Says

  • The Last Days of the King of Pop


The Antelope Party

"Meyer has an undeniable flair...terrific, poignant, and funny."

-Chicago Tribune

"A thought-provoking romp that's not to be missed!"

-PerformInk (Critic's Pick)

"Stellar! This is a dark comedy that rings all too true."

-The Hawk Chicago (Critic's Pick)

"As eye-opening and thought-provoking as Animal Farm."

-Chicago Theater Review

The Sister


"Yes, this is a complicated tale, but one which is told with punchy, slick dialogue and very good acting. I really was involved (difficult not to be with all those forks flying around!) and found this play both mesmerizing and memorable."

-Edinburgh Reporter (4 Stars)

"A darkly absurd exploration of power dynamics, this latest production from Dutch Kills Theater is a thrillingly surreal family drama by playwright Eric John Meyer. The New York-based company’s play, The Sister, is a beautifully realized production that delights in its disconcerting portrayal of human relationships."

-BroadwayBaby (4 Stars)

"Confinement pervades Eric John Meyer's play The Sister...This production prefers the action up close and personal."

-The New York Times


"When the lights come up at the end of Eric John Meyer’s strange and stunning new play The Sister, it is akin to waking from a fever dream. One understands deeply the import of what has just transpired, yet the details are perplexing and disorienting...The whole thing seems to have happened in another language, which was somehow comprehensible at the time. Upon rejoining the world of the living, one is left with a lingering sense of just how unknowable the world is, which is at once thrilling and terrifying."

-New York Theatre Review


"Bob and Leanne’s wild, expletive-laden shouts at Colleen and each other are often played well for laughs, as are the more absurd embellishments, such as an impromptu shadow-puppet show. But Meyer has woven a dark sentiment about the way some people damage and frighten those closest to them throughout “The Sister.” Colleen and Terry may not yell as their relationship sours, but they can still be cruel. “I’ve been sitting here for the past few days trying to decide what it is about you that I find so unsatisfying,” she says to him. Such harsh remarks carry a jarring sting when delivered with convincing disgust by the cast."



Due to Events


"An atmospheric treat...equal parts self-guided meditation and Tom Waits daydream."

-Theater is Easy

"Terrific and very funny...if elements that would be at home in Kafka, Stoppard, and perhaps even Donnie Darko filtered through a cat with a hobby in jazzy performance art sounds like a fun time, it is.”

-Culture Catch


Dogs of Oklahoma

"Eric John Meyer has written a great show here and director Luke Harlan has done him a great service in bringing it to the stage...The live foley artist, Jean Ann Douglass, is fantastic."


Simon Says


"The tension rises as we wonder how far Simon will go

but then...the tension skyrockets."

-New York Theater Now


"Twist[s] in an instant from bright and witty to disturbing."

Profiles of The Truck Project


The Wall Street Journal


The New York Times


Brooklyn Based

Photo by Kent Meister
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